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Dr. L's Mission and Vision
Dr. Erich Lichtscheidl has a 20+ years experience in didactical research, study abroad consulting, language instruction and translation. He earned his PhD in Romance and German philology at the University of Vienna, Austria, as well as his Master Degree in Educational Leadership at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond VA. 
He works as a professor, consultant and freelance translator in both the United States and in Europe. 
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are my top priorities. Based on my 20+ years experience I keep my skills up-to-date from a never ending learning process in translating, consulting and teaching.
Everybody can learn a second language. It is not a question of academics, it is about handling sound. Unless you want to become a translator you wish probably to become proficient first in oral communication and in reading
My three children are raised bilingual. They are all near native speakers in German despite their diverse academic level: my oldest son belongs to the group of highly gifteed students, my daughter is autistic, and my toddler is only 3 years old.
Water connects habitat. Habitat connects cultures. Cultures connect to languages. Languages connect to people. 90% of one's culture is invisible but needs to be included in translation and communication.