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The Art of Translation
It is a myth that a bilingual speaker is best at translation. Translation is a separate skill from speaking a second language. It requires different, additional abilities which need to be gained through experience. We guarantee the official quality standards EN15038 (Europe) and ASTM F2575-06 (United States). 
In the translation community it is a standard rule that best translations are produced by persons who translate into their own native language. Translating a text is a process which requires highest skills of 

the target language. ​Therefore we are specialized in translations into German only.
The hardest and most time-consuming part involves research to resolve ambiguities in the source text as well as the exact match of the meaning in the target language without getting too much away from the original text and at the same time integrating language varieties and cultural components for the readers in the target language. No machine is able to do that.

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Translations into German 
(all German varieties)
Proofreading German

English / French / Italian into German - Certified Translations
Code of Ethics
As a Certified Translation Professional Dr. L's Premium Translation Services underlies the Translator's Code of Ethics.