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Study Abroad Consulting - 
Earn your US-credits abroad!
Dr. L's Premium Language Services is happy to coordinate all your Study Abroad inquiries. Programs run from 2 weeks to one academic year and longer in most European countries.
Depending on the length and intensity of your stay you are eligible to earn an internationally recognized and/or US-accredited diploma. This is vital for your career and/or your studies at college. 
Due to Dr. L's extensive work experience in Europe as well as long standing partnerships we are able to provide you with first hand consulting for your education in Europe. In times of political tensions it is even more important to get first hand information from a specialist who prioritizes both saftey and success.

Education in Europe
Some of the most important questions which we can answer are:

- Am I eligible to study abroad?
- How can I benefit from studying abroad?
- How long in advance should I plan?
- I do not know a second language. Is this a problem?
- How much does it cost?
- Are scholarships available?
- How long can I study abroad?
- How will I get my study visa?
- How can I find accommodation?
- What challenges should I expect to face?

Whether you choose a language course, an internship or volunteer program, or academic studies at a carrer school ar at a European University, we do have the right answers for you.
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