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Satisfying the client's needs
Learning a second language the right way
Taylor-made world language & culture programs
Students do have different learning styles, bring in a range or not of pre-requisites, come from different social classes and cultural backgrounds. They all have different expectations for their individual needs and expect first class service. The successful challenge of the world language instructor is to match both the student's profile and expectations. My studies in sociolinguistics and my experience as a consultant have made me proficient in interpreting and understanding such needs. 

Our program
Course Design for a group of learners at any entry level. 

Specializations upon request for

- Business
- Gastronomy 
- Hotel & Tourism. 

Course Delivery:
- In-house Group Courses
- One-to-One Training 
- Individual Exam Prep.

​Course Format:
- Face-to-Face
- Hybrid
- Online

- German
- French
- Italian

Our program is about how to act and react in an accepted manner in real life situations based on the understanding of diversity. At a basic and business level, we prepare students for handling real life situations in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. 
We strongly oppose any learning methods which focus on unrealistic communicative situations or out of context phrasing. You will find a lot of them online or in textbooks sold in bookstores. Such methods might help you to learn some structure of a language, but they will be unhelpful in mastering most real life situations. How can you communicate out of context? How can you communicate without being involved in a background setting? How can you ignore do’s and don'ts in a specific culture? 

Here is an example of an online world language course: 
"You can buy fish at the fish store."  This sentence is accompanied by a picture of a fish store. For the learner this sentence is useless. It is obvious that you will not buy a pair of shoes in a fish store, but fish. You might rather want to learn what to say and how to proceed in an accepted manner if you want to buy fish:
Does the person need to have verbal interaction for purchasing fish in a fish store? Do fish stores even exist in the destination country?
If the answer is “no”, do not even bother further. You go in the supermarket and grab your portion of frozen fish. No communication needed. The visuals on the packet will tell you what and how much you will find inside.
If the answer is “yes”, you might want to learn the necessary speech acts and the cultural information along with fish purchase (like the names of local fish, how to express quantities, asking simple questions, understanding the sales person, and the relevant cultural information coming along like the importance of fish in the destination. Literature, poems about fish, relevant newspaper articles can be included, depending on the level of the learner.